CT scans coupled with state of the art 3D software represents a tremendous leap forward in Dental Implant treatment planning!  Prior to this combination,  Implants had to be planned with a 2-dimensional x-ray,  leaving out the most important factors in both the predictability (bone density and bone width) and safety (3D relationship of the implants and nerves).

Now, with this exciting technology,  a quick 20-second scan is processed in our office to recreate your true 3D anatomy,  allowing us to do “virtual surgery” on your jaw, placing the correct size implant into the ideal location for you.

With older,  less precise imaging modalities,  it is not uncommon to have unexpected charges due to bone grafts or sinus grafts, or poor esthetic outcomes due to less than ideal placement.

What this means to you is quick, pain-free insertion of implants into a precise position with no “guesswork” during your treatment.  Prior to your insertion procedure,  you will be shown your case,  and see exactly what will be placed and where.  There will be no surprises!


Come in and let us show you how we can help you acquire your third set of teeth in the most predictable way possible!  In addition,  due to the lack of guesswork,  you will find that our fees are VERY competitive;  many patients come from miles around,  some from out of state,  to take advantage of our time and money-saving state of the art technology.