Amazing advances in periodontally assisted orthodontics have occurred in the last 5-7 years. All of these techniques utilize the principal of RAP (Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon). This is mediated on a cellular level by a local increase in cytokines. Dr. Habekost is experienced in all of these techniques.

What this means is faster tooth movement, no root resorption associated with the procedure, and thicker, less recession prone gums.

The three main types are 1) Modified Wilcodontic procedure, 2) Modified Periodontic Assisted Orthodontics (PAO), and 3) the Localized MiniPerf (similar to the Propel treatment).

Each has its own advantages and limitations. In many Orthodontic cases, a combination of two or more may be used at various treatment times.  Please discuss these treatment options with your Orthodontic practitioner.