Accelerated Tissue Healing and Regeneration

Recent research has shown that certain properties of our own blood cells, particularly platelets, have a profound effect on accelerating and enhancing tissue regeneration that typically takes place with all forms of surgery.

The bioactive proteins carried by platelets are currently being used successfully in both hospitals and private practice office settings for wound healing in many surgical disciplines including orthopedic, cardiovascular, plastic and reconstructive, and oral surgeries.

This is a quick procedure, in which a small amount of the patient’s own blood is withdrawn into glass tubes. These tubes are placed in a special centrifuge, and the blood is then separated by the intense “G” forces produced by the centrifuge into various “bands”. The band containing concentrated platelets (PRP)is then removed and utilized to enhance the surgery.

This PRP is routinely utilized by Dr. Habekost in a variety of oral surgeries that involve most types of bone grafts, gingival grafts, and implant placements.

The use of PRP augmented surgeries within our office assures each and every patient the maximum opportunity for treatment success, and in particular for patients who have a history of problematic or poor prior surgical outcomes.