Every effort is made exceed the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility, both for your protection and to ensure the best results possible of every procedure. A few of the many steps we take are:

  • Sterile bibs are placed on each patient.
  • Disposable, single-use supplies are used whenever possible.
  • All instruments are first cleaned in an Ultrasonic Cleaner; heat-sealed in plastic packs, and then run through a high-pressure Sterilizer.
  • Sterilizer tests are run weekly by an outside University lab to ensure effectiveness.

NO “TAP WATER” is used in any of our dental equipment!! All water used is bottled sterile water, or sterile saline solution, depending on the procedure.

All rooms are thoroughly cleaned AFTER EACH PATIENT! This even includes running a sterilizing solution down the suction lines.

We are proud of our sterilization lab, and welcome you to see it!