New conservative periodontal treatments are quick, easy and virtually painless

The mainstay of all periodontal disease treatment is cleaning out the bacterial infection from under the gums. This is usually followed by smoothing the roots of your teeth in an effort to make daily cleaning easier, and to reduce the surface area available for bacterial colonization. This is usually done via a minor procedure known as scaling and root planning (SRP). SRP may have been completed by your general dentist or hygienist prior to your referral to our office. This is often the case if pockets of 5mm or greater exist, or if you have any bleeding during the probing (measuring of your pockets) exam. We also may do this treatment, along with the use of a laser for enhanced results. 

In mild cases of periodontal disease, where in the past surgery may have been needed, other options may exist!

One of our most commonly used treatments is using a jet spray of sodium bicarbonate to flush out the pockets under the gums. This both mechanically removes bacteria, and then kills remaining bacteria by osmotic desiccation. That is the same principal used by children when they put salt on a snail. This treatment is very effective, and as a bonus, gets the teeth as clean and white as possible (short of bleaching)!

Atridox™ and PerioChip™  and Arrestin™ are other weapons to fight gum disease. These treatments deliver highly concentrated antimicrobials into the affected sites under the gums. Since they aren’t taken internally and can be placed exactly in the affected areas, the antibacterial effect is more powerful. Also, because they are time-released over 7-10 days, they keep working to improve the health of your gums while you work, eat and sleep. They offer the advantage of being resorbable and not requiring removal once in place.

Your specific situation may make this a viable treatment. As always, Dr. Habekost will be happy to discuss all of your treatment options!

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